About Us. We are the wearers of cock cages. Male chastity devices for the caged cock. We have our masters and mistresses, our Key holders, wives and husbands not to mention our dominant boyfriends and girlfriends. We are kept as slaves, sissies, cuckolds and yes just regular guys who have had their sexual desires and actions removed from their own power. We are the same as you. This is a unique site and if you have found your way to us we welcome you here.


Caged Cock

Caged Cock
Strap-on vagina

Caged Cock Shouldn’t Be Stereotyped

Most of the guys that enjoy a caged cock are also the ones that you will be dealing with on a daily basis. They are pleasant and professional and most of the time you wouldn’t even know that they are wearing something like this under their clothes. Most people see guys that are living a lifestyle such as this as perverts or degenerates of some kind but that isn’t true at all. They are in control of their lives in every way possible and are always looking forward to what the future has to offer. The fact that they are leaders of industry and business owners gives them the opportunity to enjoy their caged cock in ways that most people couldn’t even imagine. There shouldn’t be any kind of stereotype for guys that live this lifestyle and instead people should be able to understand that this is something they really enjoy and just let them be happy. Everyone has their secrets that they don’t want to share with the rest of the world but their secret shouldn’t be kept simply because of the stereotypes that people would associate them with if they ever found out.

Caged Cock

There is something quite special about the caged cock to men with a definite leaning toward the submissive side of things. Nothing is more exciting to these men because, when that cage enslaves their cocks by their dominant partners, there is no doubt that they have been taken and are owned. A cock that is enslaved is quite useful when a submissive is being trained, especially when the submissive is a complete novice in the kinky world of domination and submission. He will most likely find this device to be exciting tinged with a bit of fear at this new area of his life. Then, once the cage has been fitted in place, the reason for wearing it will instantly be understood, Obviously, to fully grasp the total experience of wearing a cage over your cock, you must actually try it out for yourself. Then you will fully understand just how much of a difference this cage can make in your life. 

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