Wearing Caged Cock Devices

Anyone out there looking for the perfect cock device should be heading over to Koalaswim.com to look at their chastity devices. You are going to find that they have some of the best possible devices you could ever imagine on their site, and you are definitely going to enjoy the sensation when you strap them on for the first time. There are few things in life that feel better than keeping your cock under control, and wearing a chastity device from Koalaswim.com is the easiest way of getting that control.

This site is all about the beauty of the caged cock. We feature photos of amazing male chastity devices in a tasteful artistic way. We will help you find the perfect male chastity device for your penis.

It doesn’t matter what kind of male chastity cock device you are looking for, Koalaswim.com will have one that captures your attention and makes you realize that you need to have this in your life. There are a lot of men that give this lifestyle a try in the hopes that it will help them better manage their sex lives and they find that they are right. Wearing these devices is really going to put the control in your hands, or the hands of the person you give the chastity key to. Just be prepared for what is going to happen to your body the first time you start wearing them.

The first time you use a caged  device is going to be the hardest. Now, it may be comfortable for you the first hour or so, especially if you are doing nothing but sitting around your house. It isn't until you are comfortable enough to take it out in public that the annoyances will start to make themselves known. Once you start walking around with your cage on under your pants is when you start to realize that you might have gotten yourself into something you were ready for.

Just the thought of getting an erection while your caged cock device is on is going to make things more difficult for you. Every guy out there knows that when you start to get an erection there is that small amount of swelling in your cock. That small swelling begins to push against the cage in ways that makes it feel absolutely great. Unfortunately, that means your cock is going to swell even more and that is when the pressure starts to push back. With the pressure pushing back against your cock, you will want to enjoy the full erection that is coming, but you can't.

Once that small amount of swelling in your cock starts to become a full-fledged erection, your caged cock device will let you know that it's not going to be possible in any way, shape, or form. This is where the pain begins for you and, if you aren't ready for it, you might find yourself on the floor wincing in agony. On the other hand, there are a lot of men that aren't going to experience this kind of pain because they understand what a cage is actually used for. But those first time wearers might just get the shock of their lives.

The typical small cock device is strapped on over your cock in order to keep it under control. The devices on Koalaswim.com have metal cages that will not offer any room for you to get an erection of any kind from within, and that can be painful. This is especially true if you have a larger cock and are used to getting full erections whenever you want. Having them suddenly stop before they can really get started isn't always that pleasant for some men, either. But you will get used to it after a bit of time wearing your device, so don’t worry too much.

One of the most important things to remember when wearing a men's cock device is that you need to keep track of where that key is at all times. You may not want to carry it with you in case you lose it, but knowing where it is can be a very important thing. Think about what might happen if you needed to take your cage off for some reason, say for a doctor’s visit, and you couldn’t find your key. Sure, the lock isn't industrial strength or anything, but breaking it isn't something you probably want to do, either.

If you give your key over to your partner, then you are going to need to make sure that you can get your cock device off when you need to and they have to be there. If you have chosen to live your life as a chastity slave, then getting your key back from your Mistress or Master might be a bit more difficult for you. Of course, if it is important, then they shouldn’t have any issues with letting you out of your device for a few hours to take care of business.

Are you ready to have a caged cock? Have you thought about practicing a male chastity lifestyle? Many men do in fact many more men practice male chastity more than most folks might imagine. It is a popular form of sexual control throughout the world and is becoming very popular for sex play too. Many men crave to be controlled and dominated by strong women and men.

Once you get your new little cock device in the mail, the first thing you are going to need to do is make sure no one else is a round when you put it on. The reason you don’t want anyone around you is that you are probably going to look like a complete fool trying to get it on for the first time. Don’t worry as this is natural and you will learn how to get it on and off easier the more you wear it. But that first time is not something you want to be remembered for by other people.

Wear your big penis device around the house for a few hours before putting on any pants or shorts so that you can fully appreciate the way it fits. Make sure that you are doing normal activities of your life while you are wearing it like this as well. Go through a daily routine of sitting down, standing up, walking around; anything that you might usually do so that you can see how it feels to do those things with your cock locked up inside that cage. It also makes it easier to adjust things if you need to rather than trying to do it secretly at the office. Just remember to keep your drapes or blinds closed on your windows so that your neighbors don’t peer in and watch you.

Wearing these caged chastity devices is something that can greatly affect your life in many positive ways. It is no secret that guys who prefer to wear these items have a higher confidence level overall from guys that aren't wearing them. That means that you can actually end up improving your life in ways you never thought of before just by sticking your cock into a cage from Koalaswim.com. You may not become the next President or ruler of the world, but you could end up with a promotion or even a better parking spot at work. Having high self-confidence can gain you quite a lot of things in life, and wearing a caged cock will give you that confidence every time.

Caged Cock

The good thing about the male chastity cock devices on Koalaswim.com is that they are created with the thought that most guys are going to be wearing them at work on a daily basis. This means that they have designed them to fit perfectly under just about any type of clothing you might have. You can even wear some of their swimwear options over the top of your cage so that you can enjoy heading out to the beach and still live that chaste life you love so much. Very few other sites on the Internet can offer you a day out on the beach with a chastity cage.

You might be surprised to know that Koalaswim.com’s caged cock devices are some of the most reasonably priced devices on the market these days. Being able to save money and still getting the perfect device is something that other stores are promising but never seem to be able to manage; especially when you consider their quality of materials is subpar to what Koalaswim.com has to offer. You might have to end up purchasing the same design from other stores multiple times over the years, but only once if you go to Koalaswim.com first.

Being able to save money on your caged devices is very important these days, especially when you look at all the economic issues that are popping up all around you. You don’t want to have to take out a loan or a second mortgage on your home just so that you can keep your erections under control, do you? Granted, if your device is costing you that much, then there are probably other things in your life that you should look to control before getting that device, but you get the point. You want something that is going to last and not cost too much money.

Koalaswim.com takes great pride in making their cock devices affordable for any guy out there that is willing to try something a bit different. They know that most guys that are going to at least try something like this aren't going to be willing to pay a lot of money for something they have no idea about. But if the price is at least reasonable, then there is a better chance that you are going to think about trying it out a bit more. Once you get your first device, though, you will be hooked forever.

Nothing is sexier than a guy that admits to himself that he needs to wear a caged cock device every day. That may sound a bit strange to some people, but being able to tell yourself that you would prefer to control your unbridled sexual urges and allow yourself to live your life is a pretty sexy aspect. Both men and women will fully appreciate your need to live your life without all that testosterone getting in the way of things. Just think about all the ways your life could improve if you weren’t constantly thinking about your cock.

There are a lot of men that are worried about what their friends might think if they found out about them wearing a caged device. That is a common aspect with anything in life these days, but if they are truly your friends, then they shouldn’t care one way or the other. They should allow you to live your life the way you want to and stay out of anything that has to do with your sexual appetites. Of course, that isn't going to stop all of them from making fun of you, but that’s what friends are for after all.

Now, if you are truly worried about what your friends are going to say about you wearing a men's cock device, then maybe you shouldn’t let them in on your little secret. Things like this shouldn’t keep you from experiencing what these cages can do for you, but if you don’t tell them or show them your cage, then there is nothing they can say about it. It's not like you spend a lot of time walking around naked with them, is it? Even if you did, then they might want to try wearing one as well.

You have to understand that most men want to wear a tiny penis device just to see what it's like. They may not enjoy it as much as some guys do, but they are still curious about what it would feel like to have their cock locked up inside a cage. Most of them aren't even sure where they could go to find something like this, so they let the thought pass through their mind and move on with their lives. Either that, or they try to make their own cage out of wire and duct tape.

If you are serious about trying out a shaved cock device, then you need to go to Koalaswim.com and stay away from using things like duct tape on your crotch. You should never feel so desperate that you have to run the risk of causing permanent damage to your cock when you can easily afford a beginners cage from Koalaswim.com. It's much easier to get the real thing than it is to try to recreate one for some pictures anyway, and you will have time to decide if it's something you really want to experience while you are waiting for it to ship.